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Originally Posted by Kevin H View Post

I think perhaps the engine overheating should be tackled first.
(this is the first time I have used Mega for sharing files so please let me know if there are any issues).
Thanks Kevin. The Mega works, but my problem is that the shop tried something flawed. They combined two transmissions to make mine become a lockup, and in the process installed something incompatible. Easier to just replace it.

But if you have a diagnostic for what to check on overheating, I would love to see it. Otherwise I may begin by pulling the radiator and water pump and having them checked and rebuilt. If I keep having trouble with the engine, I will try to track down the 383 that I sent down to South Island at the time I bought the transmission... it is still around, I may just have them check it over and put both of them in and be done with the powertrain that has caused me so much wasted money.
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