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Default Transmission replacement

I can't believe it has been 8 years since I began this thread. A couple of weeks ago, someone In Auckland enquired about purchasing the 411, so - as it is the Christmas holiday and all of NZ is closed for summer - I pulled it out of deep storage and began to clean it up. Now that prospective buyer says he won't be able to look at the car until after returning from overseas travel, but my momentum in preparing it to be seen is prompting me to getting it on the road.

The old transmission is still in the car, but given that the market for 411's has risen, I began to look at what needs to be done to get the car on the road and then sold... either here in NZ or sent to England on consignment.

There is no 411 shop manual, but the 407-408 shop manual reads as follows. Has anyone actually followed this procedure? Comments and advice please.


Removing Transmission - This must be carried out from inside the car.
  • Drain the cooling system.
  • Drain the transmission by detaching the transmission dipstick/filter tube.
  • Remove the carpets, seats, tunnel and floorboards.
  • Remove the handbrake lever and ratchet.
  • Disconnect the propeller shaft.
  • Disconnect the oil cooler tubes
  • Disconnect the throttle linkage
  • Disconnect the gearshift control cable (the 411 uses a stick shift)
  • Disconnect the nylon semi-rigid fuel pipe at the engine.
  • Slacken the bolts attaching the exhaust pipes to the manifold and without removing the bolts run the nuts to the extreme end of the thread.
  • Disconnect the heater pipe at engine and disconnect the oil pressure pipe.
  • Remove the air cleaner and carburettor and attach the Engine Lifting Fixture (Bracket) Tool C - 3466 to the carburettor flange studs on the intake manifold.
  • Take the weight of the engine with a hoist and disconnect the transmission mounting to the chassis.
  • Remove the oil filler, air cleaner and raise the back of the engine by the use of slings or jacking sufficiently to allow the transmission to be clear of the chassis.
  • Support the transmission and remove the four bolts attaching it to the torque converter casing.
  • With adapted lifting tackle it can now be removed from the car.
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