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"Legal experts told IndyStar that Doranís claim on the car is weak", this is exactly what I said on previous comments on this subject, many year ago we were caught up in a very similar situation with a car my family sold, it was a lost cause.
In the intervening years if it is still around it has not appreciated in value to anything near the value of an Arnolt Bristol, I still have some documents for it including an old log book where the family member who sold it is listed as the current owner. If the car still exists I would be happy to pass these on to the current owner. The car was not stolen it was sold to someone who could not afford to pay for it and unless the laws in the US differ from a lot of other countries in the world it is very unlikely you have any legitimate claim on this car at all, the remedies for that situation being totally different and in a lot of cases time critical.
If you win your court case good luck if you don't I hope you will have the good grace to update us all on the outcome and bring a close to this subject.
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