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It has been said that my Dad "made a bad deal" and maybe so. The deal he made with Carl Lucas was similar to the deal Wacky Arnolt made with Dad on his first car 404x3086 . The difference is my Dad was an honest man that honored his end. There's a letter form Waccky to Dad that explains. I'd be happy to email a screen shot of that letter to anyone interested. As far as the current situation, there's much more to this if like to share and will when the time is right. There's a misconception in our story that Dad didn't do enough or gave up. He didn't have the best lawyer in the world to help him but it doesn't mean he didnt try. Our local sheriff even went to Chinetti motors on his own time trying to locate/ recover the car. The documentation of that effort will be available soon. Thanks Kelly for posting the update to our story.
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