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Have never tried fluid film but I find the Dinotrol waxes good but as you say subject to an annual check and lick over.
POR 15 as a base paint I have found very good, though not everyone likes it and like a lot of these paints it works better on old surface rusted steel rather than new metal.
I used to use Bonda Primer and painted the majority of a 401 chassis with that over 30 years ago, it only now is getting to the stage where it needs repainting, the car though has never been back on the road. Corroless was also very good but so easy to find now through car restoration suppliers but specialists who supply the marine market stock it which hopefully means it is still a good product.
When my S Type had all the body rust cut out about 5 years ago the whole of the underside was waxoiled and that has stood up very well.
Though this time of year is not the best to be applying paint to bare metal, I try to avoid wet damp days, I think the key to a lot of these treatments is
an annual check and retreat any areas as needed.
My late father had probably one of the oldest Mazda B1600 pickups left on the road in west Wales, he eventually wore everything out on it except the chassis which every year was sprayed with waste oil, scrape that off and underneath it was still perfect.
The same was true of a Land Rover I bought a few years ago all the bits of the chassis that had benefited from long term oil leaks were perfect while most of the rest needed attention. Over Christmas the new bits will be sprayed with oil as well, not what I would use on the Bristol but horses for courses.
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