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I assume your friend has a BMW 328 (not a 238 as stated)

The BMW manual that I have states that
a. at idle 1.5 atmospheres (which I understand is about 22psi)
b. 60kph 3.0 atmospheres (which is about 44psi)
Both with oil (SAE50) to running temperature

Oil Pressure of 6 cylinder Bristol engines ,which are based on the BMW engine, should be
60psi at 3000rpm with oil at or above 70 degC

I have had no direct experience with BMW engines ,but if it were mine I would like to see the pressure as per the Bristol spec . This might need a later Bristol oil pump adapted & fitted.

What pressure is the engine achieving at 3000 rpm with the oil hot ?
What grade oil is he using ?

There are quite a few Pre WW2 BMW specialists in UK , Germany and Switzerland who could give your friend advice
the various BMW Clubs

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