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I agree with Gregs thoughts on this and if you look back through previous postings on this forum there is a lot of useful information. I just had two radiators re cored one fairly locally and one by a firm in south wales. Both firms used modern cores the only difference being the local one used a standard thickness core whereas the other used a thicker core which fills the frame better and so looks better off the car but would be less noticable when installed, everything else top, bottom tanks frame was reused so it still looks basically the same. I opted for this because the first car to have one fitted is going to hopefully used a lot and better cooling ability will be useful.
On my 401 I have already fitted a remote gear change lever and alfin drums, will probably put an anti roll bar on it and may in the future consider disc front brakes if the parts become available. In the meantime I will have a brake servo fitted. These are all the sorts of modifications you come across on cars in the UK, I have also fitted a Winterburn capacitor discharge ignition system and I have seen one car, a 401 or 403 fitted with LPG and a very modern American ignition system with coil packs for each cylinder.
I have used the Halogen bulbs with the original base fitting in a Bentley R Type and found that upgrade worth while but as LED's are now available as direct replacements for the BPF lamps I might try these, the other bulbs will be replaced by LED's.
Dave Dale has posted on one of the forums a very neat solution to extra rear lighting as has Stefano Pasini who has a very good website of his own detailing the comprehensive restoration of his 403 and advocates the overdrive conversion fitted to his car.
Radial tyres are well worth fitting as well, lots of choices then but that is part of the fun of the renovation/restoration.
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