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Originally Posted by Aleph View Post
Cheers! Fortunately, a respray for me will be less than half than that, as a friend of mine (proper car bodyshop) would take care.

As to the description: I understand they put a 411 front-end in and a 411
engine. But I'd like to know more about the car's history....
If you can give us a chassis number that may help give some insight into it's history, although I would have thought Andrew Blow would at least know it's more recent history.

What exactly does "411 front-end" mean?

According to the web site it has a 360 engine, and looking at the photo it doesn't look like it was done recently. That isn't a 411 engine. So if they're saying it has a 411 engine I would get an engine number to confirm what engine is in it.

The standard 360 doesn't produce as much power as the 383 or 400 cid engines used in the 411, but parts are much more readily available for the 360 than the 410's original 318 engine.

It might be worth a few hundred quid getting Spencer Lane Jones down at Warminster to do a pre purchase inspection.

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