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dwomby 18-12-21 07:45 PM

Is this all the 408 Mk I grease points?
I have the car off the ground at the moment ( barely! it's on stands but I can safely crawl under there ). So thought I should check the diff level and do a grease job. The manual doesn't seem to have a list of all the grease points and the only ones I have found so far are at the outer ends of the rear axle. Are there no others - the propshaft joints, the front hubs and ball joints, etc, etc? if not, then are the rest all dismantle and repack jobs?


Roger Morrall 23-12-21 07:06 PM

The answer, in all probability, is yes. The only grease points listed on the 410 were the rear and front hubs. I believe that none of the universal joints, track rod ends, drop arms etc were originally fitted with grease nipples, but grease nipples may now be present if these parts have ever been replaced over the course of time. I believe that Bristols were well ahead of their time in using nylon for the top and bottom front suspension "kingpins", and rubber bushing wherever practicable so no grease there!

The front hubs do of course need grease but don't over pack them

dwomby 23-12-21 08:43 PM

Thank you, Roger. I haven't found any others so far but haven't finished checking as I am working on a fueling issue at the moment (a noisy electric pump and fuel smell).


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