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Thomas591 24-08-21 04:13 PM

Cambridge grey
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I just leared that my 411 S5 which is painted in an original metallic green "Eau de Nile" is "officially" painted in "Cambridge grey" as Mr Crook did't fancied the colour green (sic).
Can someone please supply me with a modern paint code for Cambridge grey then?


AndrewA 24-08-21 07:54 PM

No but found this post - so you are not alone in your search.

David C 24-08-21 08:45 PM

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I have a paint card of 15 Bristol Cars standard colours. It includes Metaline Cambridge Grey M6024.

I think some paint shops can now scan these to match exactly. If so, and you can find somewhere to do this, perhaps we can get the recipe for all 15 and make it available to a wider audience.

On the paint card it does look much more grey than green. Other colours on the card are Mist Green, Sea Green and Mint Green that are all green looking so that doesn't really help support the unlucky colour or "Mr. Crook didn't like calling it green" story that we have heard for so long

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