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AndrewA 06-07-21 10:11 AM

Bristol 410 Bumpers
Am trying to work out what the correct fitment is for the bumpers on the 410 particularly the front. can anyone advise please?
A quick google search on Bristol 410 images appears to show a variety of different approaches - on some the ends point down a bit on others up! On some it seems one end is level and the other end up!
Am presuming they should be perfectly level but now I'm beginning to wonder...

Sam410 06-07-21 10:52 AM

They look pretty level in the photos in the brochure.

Roger Morrall 07-07-21 12:44 PM

They should be level but get to be less so. The car will look better with them level and, by the way, it will look even better without them - but think of the risk!

AndrewA 07-07-21 01:04 PM

Not sure I'm brave enough to run bumper less although agree it would look great at the front. I'll get the spirit level out and see how good I can get what's already there (for the time being anyway).

DODD 07-07-21 03:10 PM

Hi Andrew,

Having completed a substantial amount of work on the front suspension of my 410, I can confirm that the front bumper is often out of line/level, this was confirmed after I checked a few other 410s.
The front bumper is attached to the car off a tubular framework which in turn is attached to the front of the chassis; midway between the chassis and the fixing bolts for front bumper is the anti-roll bar brackets. As you will expect these brackets take quite a lot of force and can distort the alignment sufficiently to move the bumper out of line/level. Another issue that occurred on my car (I am told is quite a common shortcut) at some point in the past the lower wishbone bushes were replaced; to do the job properly the framework supporting the bumper should be removed but for quickness in replacing the bushes, mechanics will cut the tubular framework out, replace the bushes and weld the frame back in position. This type of procedure will obviously distort the alignment slightly.
If the bumper is not parallel with the front of the car, spacers can be positioned between the bumpers and the fixing points.
To summarise, the simplest way to adjust the line and level of the bumper is to try and adjust it at the bumper fixing points to the framework, provided itís not too far out of line. The only other alternative is to carry out the adjustments on the tubular framework but that involves removing the radiator, grill, upper and lower cover plates, anti-roll bar and a few other bits before having full access to the framework.
Hope this helps a little.

AndrewA 07-07-21 03:34 PM

Thanks for that - really helpful.
I'll try and adjust it at the fixing points to the framework.
If that's not satisfactory, as everything forward of the engine block is out of the way at the moment anyway, now would be the time to delve deeper if necessary.
The cut and weld shortcut horrified me when I first heard about it but I understand it's common practice.
Although I've given the bushes a good inspection your post has nudged me to look again even more critically at the front suspension for any signs of wear whilst things are more accessible.


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