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411(IV) Crankshaft rear seal leak

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Old 03-11-20, 06:10 PM
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Default 411(IV) Crankshaft rear seal leak

Dear List,

Has anybody had experience with a rear seal leak?
BM advised me that both seals could be replaced without removing the engine.
Apparently this involves removing rear cap and lowering the 'shaft accordingly. Has anybody done this?

A possible alternative is the use of liquid sealers. Again, has anybody tried this approach or any other alternative approach?

Any advice much appreciated.

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Old 03-11-20, 06:35 PM
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I have tried this on my 408. The torque converter held the crankshaft up so I was not able to lower it. Another issue which may not apply to your 411 is that the rear seal is the rope type. Felpro specifies and supplied a single lip neoprene seal for 407/408 engines. Leaking just as much, since the journal is fluted to suit the wide rope seal !
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Old 04-11-20, 02:54 AM
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Hello Patrick,
The rear crankshaft seal was leaking on my 411 S5 and I was told the engine needed to come out to replace it.

Unfortunately once the engine was out I conceded that we should inspect the bottom end. One thing led another and the most expensive automotive project in my life. But that's another story!


PS. From memory it is a rope type seal on the 383/400 CID engines used in the 411.
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