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mustdav 15-06-20 07:05 PM

407 auto transmission fault
Help needed please, auto trans was working then became slow to engage , noticed fluid very low, refilled but now no motion whatsoever forward or back.
Is there a pump that could have sucked in air somewhere that needs bleeding?

Nick Challacombe 31-07-20 02:47 PM

407 Auto Box
These boxes are very reliable and almost unburstable.
Two things occur to me, One, the linkages may be slightly out but, Two more likely that you need an oil change. (just the Auto box! and use the recommended auto transmission fluid as per the comprehensive workshop and handbook.
Hope this help, sorry about the tardy reply but I only just whilst filing found your email and noticed nobody had replied.

On that note, I replied to you about the power steering? on your car but received no answer to my question.

Kind regards, 407 owner for 21 years.


DODD 01-08-20 08:35 AM

May I also suggest changing the filter (oil pump strainer) at the same time including the two seals. It is located above the transmission sump.

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