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Side Repeater 410 & 411

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Default Side Repeater 410 & 411

I have noticed that the 410 orange side indicator repeater is at the front of the wing but it moved to the rear of the wing (and changed appearance) for the 411 series 1 and 2. With the series 3 and later, it returned to the front of the wing.

Given the long bonnet on these cars it would make more sense to have it at the front for the sake of making the car more visible at a junction etc.

Is there anyone that knows why it was moved back for the early 411s?

It almost (I think there is about a 2- 3 inch difference!) looks as though the Pegasus badge holes had been drilled on so many front wings by an over zealous apprentice, that they put the indicator repeater there to cover up the need to fill the holes!!

Then it was done away with altogether for the 603s but seems to be back (different style) near the door hinge on the Brigand and Blenheim!
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