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Old 16-08-19, 01:44 PM
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Hi All,

After eight and a half years of lurking I now have my very own 603s, it was purchased from Stuart Agers and I am extremely pleased with it.

Car has uprated carb, heads, plenum and headers along with what I think is a 4 speed lockup box; I had a 2 hour drive home on Wednesday and the car ran faultlessly on motorway and A roads.

There is very little work for me to do on the car unless I want to go for a complete windows-out paint job - but I rather like the slightly worn look the car has from the outside which belies the comfort and performance of the car.

Some of the interior trim is a little mishapen and on re-reading 'Bristol - A very British story' last night I spotted a mention that the trim panels are sculpted foam on a aluminium backing then velcroed to the car - so I may gently prise one of them off to see what can be done.

In theory I'm down-sizing on cars and the 603 will replace a 1967 Maserati Quattroporte and a 1969 Jensen Interceptor - after just a few days I can firmly say that the 603 is the best of the three and more than capable of fulfilling the duties of either.

I hope not to trouble you too much with questions but apologies in advance for any newbie questions I may come up with.

Best regards,

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Old 16-08-19, 05:31 PM
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As a fellow 603 owner I congratulate you on your purchase I saw the previous owners comments on the 603 compared with other V8 Bristols he had owned and couldn't agree more, they are a seriously good car and great fun to drive.
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