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Patrick Kenny 14-08-19 11:45 AM

reversing sensors
Dear List,

Has anybody any thoughts on or experience of installing reversing sensors/camera on a 411(IV)?

Good wishes,


Kevin H 14-08-19 02:57 PM

Hello Patrick,
It's certainly something I have thought about, because reverse parking a 16ft long car isn't easy, particularly if you don't drive it regularly.

To my mind there are pros and cons of both sensors and a camera.

It's not practical to fit sensors to the steel bumper bar, so they would probably need to be mounted on the bottom of the bumper bar, which wouldn't look very nice, but it's easy to unobtrusivey accomodate the beeper in the cabin.

On the other hand the cameras are very small and would not be very noticeable, but require a screen in the car to see the camera view.

I would be interested to know if you end up implementing something.


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