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Maeter 27-03-19 04:26 PM

Bristol 410 Brake Pads
Could someone recommend a current set of front and rear brake pads for a 68 410? Have seen set of front original Girling items but never rear ones and as the car is now in the US, shipping costs from the U.K. are prohibitive for a maintenance item.

Thank you in advance for your replies,


Geoff Kingston 27-03-19 05:45 PM

Same brake system was used by a number of manufactures obviously Bristol. Aston Martin, Rolls Royce/Bentley and Jaguar on their E Type,XJ6, XJ12 and the 420G.
I would think your best bet would be to try one of the classic Jaguar suppliers, the Lucas part number for the front pads was GDB531 , for the hand brake pads GDB563 but the only number I have to hand for the rear pads are for a set made by EBC their part number being DP101.
Hope that is of some help.

Maeter 27-03-19 06:15 PM

Thank you Geoff, used the SNG Barratt US website as it turns out 410 shares pads with the XJ6, $58 all in with three day shipping!

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