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roybatute 16-12-18 07:36 PM

ZF Steering Box
I have a 603 with a steering box in need of repair. Just the Ticket sent it (twice) to the firm that has done them for years. It seems that the firm is under new ownership. Their first repair leaked. The second attempt was much worse and they have declined to have a third go, preferring to give a refund. Just the Ticket asked Bristol Cars who they use and the answer was the same firm!

So, my questions are can anyone recommend a repairer for these steering boxes and does anyone know what other cars they were used on.


PEU186F 17-12-18 12:39 PM

It may be worth your while to try talking directly to ZF. There are contact details on their website. Let us know how you get on.

peter dowdle 17-12-18 08:56 PM

I had mine done in Australia at my local auto transmission and power steering garage. They imported parts from Germany and rebuilt it . No trouble since, it didn't seem to be too much of a problem for them.

John Rolfs 19-12-18 01:33 PM

power steering box repair
My 409 power steering ZF box was rebuilt by Power Steering Services in Greenwich, SE London. Steering is more precise now, no problems with leaks. I understand the box is similar to those used on early Range Rovers.

Thor 20-12-18 02:10 PM

I don't think the ZF steering box used on Bristols is a rare type. In one of the few conversations I had with Tony Crook myself, he told me he was amused by how many ZF engineers came over to help with trying to adjust the valving to achieve more steering feel. He said he thought they may have been disappointed by the relatively low quantity of subsequent sales. The conversation arose, I think, because my 409 was the second Bristol car built with PAS.

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