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amazon69 19-12-15 12:21 PM

Hello all,

Does anyone know whether it is possible to bolt a crossmember from a v8 engined car to a 406 chassis? Any pointers to diagrams etc gratefully received.


Nick Challacombe 19-12-15 05:16 PM

Cross member for 406
Although not an expert, I doubt if any V8 crossmember will fit a 406.
The suspension is totally different, the engine sits forward to accommodate the auto box.
There is very little commonality between a 406 and 407. Different body builders altogether, similar chassis set up rear of the front suspension but that about it.
I would ask the experts, Spencer Lane Jones, Brian May or Mitchell's.
Also try ACCS who are always very helpful, they are all members of the club and advertise in the magazine.
Good luck,
P.s. Greg Lowe is also worth a try.

amazon69 19-12-15 07:58 PM

Thanks Nick, that's the sort of info I was after.

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