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Britannia/603 Flasher Relay location

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Old 17-11-15, 02:08 PM
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Default Britannia/603 Flasher Relay location

Can anyone advise which/ where the indicator relay is located?
There are relays L&R in the instrument binnacle, a pair above the steering column, next to the intermitent wipe relay and obviously a quite a few in the battery bay. Thanks in advance....
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Old 24-11-15, 07:34 PM
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On the 603 wiring diagram I have there do not appear to be any additional relays, it shows a separate flasher unit for the indicators and the hazard lights with wires picking up from terminal 7 and 5 respectively on the Hazard switch if you enjoy following wires as much as I do (don't).
The wiring diagrams are on the BOC website but I found out when working on my 603 that the colour codes used on the car do not always correspond with the diagrams, something that Brabazon told me at the time was quite common on that model making it one of the more difficult cars to work on electrically.
For someone like me who does not like car electrics that was not what I wanted to hear but we got there in the end, in some cases by tracing wires and the only thing that still has us foxed is the passengers side electric window.
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Old 29-11-15, 11:25 AM
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Thanks Geoff,
Car electrics is not my forte either and as I have posted elsewhere, I have also found the wiring on the Britannia differs to the 603 diagrams (from resources section). Added to the mix is that the wiring has been modified in places........
My problem was the indicators not working and as you know, you can feel those old relays clicking on and off. Confusingly, the hazards worked (of a fashion) but not through any of the relays I had located. I initially suspected relay failure because the car had been roadworthy prior to my purchasing it. I checked out the hazard switch and saw it was wired differently to the 603 diagram (although the colour of the six wires matched the drg). This didn't originally raise any concerns, but after some hours of pondering decided to rewire the hazard switch as per the 603 diagram and Eureka! Flashers work and hazards work much better. It was then easy to follow the clicking noise of the relays to locate them (above right foot next to steering column). Flasher relay inboard, hazard outboard.
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Old 29-11-15, 07:19 PM
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Your problem may not be the flasher unit at all. When you operate the hazard light switch you not only make connections but you also break others. The idea is that the hazard lights and indicators should not operate at the same time. It is the case with most switches that they have an on and an off position. In the on position they make contacts and in the off position they break contacts. In the case of the hazard switch you can think of the "off" position as "enable indicators" and the "on" position as "disable indicators and switch on hazard warning lights". When you move the switch to the off position it makes the contacts needed for the flashers to operate - or not if the contacts are dirty. Working the switch back and forth will often clean the contacts and restore normal operation. If you do need to find the flasher unit which is a different unit to the one used by the hazard lights you might find it behind the dash on the drivers side towards the middle of the car.
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