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Originally Posted by Ronald G. Stephenson View Post
Yes, people come on from time to time, looking for parts or information, or even trying to find a car to purchase. Seldom do any come up for sale. They are indeed rare, as there were so few built. If you have one, that is just great. But, if you are a collector, and have been looking for years, it can be a challenge to find what you want and actually get the opportunity to buy it.
Hi Ronald.... I am lucky enough to own one, a 408. I joined the forum thinking there'd be a lot of expertise here, and to add a modicum of my own acquired knowledge, but you indicate that this is a forum of transients, not owners?

IMHO This is the wrong place to find a Bristol to buy .... Car and Classic UK is the place, there always seem to be a few. Not cheap as french fries these days though! I am getting the impression that all the Bristols are indeed disappearing into private collections, and maybe that is where mine will be going, since I'm scared to drive it these days in case I damage something! People who own private collections don't go on to forums, they merely buy the knowledge that the amateur car enthusiast would seek on a forum.
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