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Default HHO Reality

With fuel costs going up again in the UK, I have been hearing a lot about HHO technology that I believe was developed in Australia


Is it nonsense science, or are there any real efficiency / economy gains that can be achieved ?

My guess is that the energy needed to create the gas will negate the energy created !

My Dad used to have great ways of explaining quack science. He would say things like " It's like standing in a bucket and pulling on the handle to lift yourself up " :-) However, an economical Bristol V8 would be nice !

I suppose that with the LPG 40 mpg equivalent Blenheim 4, we have the option already ! I was in the Blenheim 4 when the economy tests were done on a few long trips and was amazed at the results and the engine performance. This was a BCL factory installed option from new, but I'm sure the people at Brabazon could do a retro fit. I would be interested to know the costs and also if a doughnut tank could be fitted in the wing bay to save robbing the boot of room ?
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