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401 replacement telescopic shock absorbers

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Old 13-04-10, 12:10 PM
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Default 401 replacement telescopic shock absorbers


I'm seeking your advice & guidance on replacement front & rear telescopic
shock absorbers for the 401 I am restoring. I am replacing the "Bristol"
type front dampers (one is completely shot due to broken shock-pad) with the later arrangement including teles for which I now have the proper brackets etc. The rears were originally fitted with teles but are now just two
creaking tubes of rust!

Has anyone got the part numbers for the replacement Spax, Koni, or other
manufacturers equivalents for the original Newton (sometimes Newton &
Bennet) front & rear teles?

Any war-stories from those with experience on modern replacement teles would be most welcome.

Warm regards .......... Alan
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Old 13-04-10, 01:20 PM
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Default 401 replacement telescopic shock absorbers

When I rebuilt my 405, in 1998 I replaced the tired Newton & Bennet shock absorbers with SPAX adjustable shocks. The part nos were SPX G713 (rear) and SPX G712 (Front). They have been completely satisfactory, coping with very rough roads as part of continental rallies.

SPAX shocks also fitted to my son's Sunbeam Alpine where, after several continental rallies, they have been equally satisfactory

I bought them for the Bristol from SPAX through Demon Tweeks; price then about 50 each, now about 100 each, and are still available.

Suggest you contact SPAX direct (Tel:01869 244771) to check on measurements between mountings. They are very helpful


Brian Kidd >
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