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peterg 02-09-22 10:41 AM

Fuel gauge and window
A couple of other issues with the 403 are the fuel gauge and windows.

The fuel gauge operated spasmodically and now not at all. I has assumed it was the sender as occasionally it would spring into life when the fuel level had dropped. The only check I have made was to earth the gauge to sender wire which had no effect.

Related, I have heard that the read switch sender type is far more reliable than the arm type. They have '5 Hole Bolt Circle dia 54mm with 5 holes dia 5.5mm as per SAE 1810' but does the Bristol?

I also stripped out the driver side window and the winder mechanism is shot. Both the small pinion and the teeth on the arm. Is there a source for the pinion and someone who repairs the teeth (ideally SE England)?

Finally are there any paper filters that fit the standard air filter? The Morris Marina/ Ital seems a close fit but does anyone know of an alternative air filter as my felt filter is getting dirty.

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