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401 gearbox

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Old 16-11-19, 08:15 AM
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Default 401 gearbox

I have to deal with the clutch so have all the floors out ready to remove the gearbox. It has an overdrive and wondered is it best to lift the gearbox/overdrive out as a unit or remove the overdrive first. Also whilst it is out, as she has been jumping out of 3rd on the overrun, I will find someone to attend to this. Any recommendations?
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Old 16-11-19, 09:01 AM
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Default Gearbox 401

I had a similar problem with my 1952 401. I used Mike Robinson in Manchester (Mob 0775 3609 222) and he stripped and rebuilt my gearbox 3 years ago and fitted an overdrive + a remote gear lever for me.
It is now great, with smooth slick changes, no rattles and no play!
(after 60 + years in the car, many of my gearbox drive components were simply worn out!

Gearbox and overdrive come out and fit back together, but you need 2 strong men. ( My wife was not quite up to helping with the lifting out of the unit!)

Mike also supplied all new floor panel bolts for me to reassemble the floor panels, I applied copper grease to all bolts to make future removal easy.

He also supplied a 300mm longer speedo drive cable to the overdrive, as it was a bit tight in its route, speedo needle was prone to fluctuation and swings, and the cable was very close to the hot mild steel exhaust.
I re-routed the cable into smoother, gentle radius and wrapped the cable where passed over the exhaust with some heat insulation wrap.

I have had no issues with gearbox or overdrive since and now motorways at 60ish is a pleasure,

......although my original click- out trafficators refuse to pop out (or go back in) at these speeds ( wind pressure, I guess ) so I retro-fitted flashing indicators, front and rear, for my peace of mind.
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Old 25-11-19, 05:36 PM
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I have now removed the overdrive and gearbox as a single until with JUST enough clearance at the rear tunnel end once the prop drive flange is off. I am hoping to improve the synchro on second and also occasional jumping out of 3rd gear on the overrun. Any suggestions for shopping around for gearbox parts?

The main reason for removing the box is to access the clutch and sort the judder. First glance tells me the release bearing has cooked a bit, still I will know more once I have removed the clutch (an MG Diaphragm type). I will also get the flywheel skimmed anyway just in case. Fingers crossed.

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Old 25-11-19, 09:58 PM
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Mike ,
I have been told it is not recommended to remove the rear flange on an overdrive, as to refit the flange with too much force can damage the internals.
Get some advice before refitting the flange .
Splitting the overdrive from gearbox would have been the better option

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