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B400 - HT leads plugs

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Old 09-09-19, 08:59 PM
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Default B400 - HT leads plugs

I need new plugs because 2 are worn.

Does anyone have a recommendation for vintage plugs? What's about plugs with suppressions? I can hear every spark in the radio.
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Old 10-09-19, 10:13 AM
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I dont know what plugs you have fitted but suggest you try the following for road use.

NGK C6HSA which are commonly used in Honda motor bikes.

To fix the interference with the radio NGK make a spark plug connector
SD05F , they are a long reach connector ideal for the Bristol head and have a resistor built in .

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Old 11-09-19, 07:51 AM
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Hello Geoff

yes - the same spark plugs are used. What is the correct gap for that tiny spark plugs?

I'd purchased plugs , cable and again new spark plugs. I'm looking for a distributor cap for LUCAS. I guess the coalpin of the cap is worn - it is flat and not round.

When I wanted to buy a cap for my MG with DK4YA my German dealer denied to deliver a cap because the currently available caps in the green package - on which the name of the prince of darkness is printed- do all have a design problem which results in malfunction after about 500 miles.

Is there a similar situation with DX6A? Is NOS available? What brand will be fine and what is a good source in D the EU.
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