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B400 - battery tray - rust prevention

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Old 13-04-19, 08:34 AM
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Default B400 - battery tray - rust prevention

After I'd took off the battery with a rubber pad underneath I detected some water and a lot of rust bubbles. So the rust must be removed and the tray needs new paint.

Does anyone has a proofed solution to avoid this situation with water under the battery? May it be sufficient to place the battery on three glueded spotted pads?

Or is it totaly unnormal that water resides on the tray?
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Old 13-04-19, 10:53 AM
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often water enters the battery box area at the rear of the central bonnet hinge.
On the later production 400's there is a small square catch area for this water just below the rear bonnet hinge bracket and a steel drain tube that is attached on the inside of the firewall , then down to the road . Sometimes this tube becomes blocked and the water overflows into the battery box area .

Early production cars don't have this drain tube .
Pls advise the chassis number of your car and post a photo of the this area of the firewall.

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