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peterg 12-05-18 05:09 PM

403 Hand brake adjustment
The brake is slipping on steeper inclines.
Bristol said not to adjust it on the cable, so I did! to no effect. They also said to adjust it on the brake shoes, but it is correctly adjusted.
So what is the problem?
Checking under the car the central arm fouls the off side brake rod when pulled.
I intend de adjusting the cable to put the arm back as far as possible and presumably shortening the brake rods so that the rear brakes are activated earlier and before the arm hits the brake rod.
The question is how do I adjust them and by how much?
The outer ends are threaded, no sure about the inner, by the operating arm, which is harder to reach.
Advice on the adjustment and how many 'clicks' to get the brake fully on would be appreciated. Before being played with the lever went the full distance, currently it pulls half way up.
Also, the cable curles around the exhaust? It there any was to protect the outer cable from the heat?

Geoff Dowdle 13-05-18 09:09 PM

All the information needed for adjusting the handbrake in in the 400 - 403 Workshop Manual .
I suggest if you dont have , buy one.
New copies are available from BCL or a DVD version is available through a 403 owner in Sydney.
I have owned and been working on Bristols for over 40 years and still refer to my Workshop Manual. Each Bristol owner should have one.


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