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6 cyl Bristol cars Type 400 to 406 - restoration, repair, maintenance etc

Meeting times

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Old 19-02-15, 08:49 AM
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Default Meeting times

My name is David Purcell I have a 403 complete car not driven for about 35 years Will be starting restore about September am coming to UK would like to meet with some of the club members at a club night and attend a car day.If someone could give me some dates for August- September and October I will try to set my trip so I could attend one or both events.
I also have a 1950 AC 2 door 3 Range Rovers 2 Disco's 3 Landrovers a Rover 3.5 Coupe 1970- 2000tc 1971-3500s 1972- Scimitar 1971 I am retired spend most of my time in the work shop.At present I am restoring and converting to a ute a1977 2 door Range Rover.
Hope to hear from some one soon.
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Old 19-02-15, 08:01 PM
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Default 403 restoration

Hi David,
I have some suggestions which you might like to consider.
1. Post your request on this forum again but into a more suitable place than New Test Forum. Perhaps in ' 6 cyl Bristol cars ' category.
2. Go to the websites for the BOC ( ) and also BODA ( [url] ). Between the two clubs there will be events which suit your possible dates. The web address of BODA refuses to be shown here. You can google it.
3. If you are not already a member, and if you join both clubs, you will be able to access the membership lists to see owners of 403's and 401's. I'm sure that the technically minded owners would be glad to help you.

I have owned a 403 for 16 years. Would be pleased to let you examine my car for ideas if it would help.
Dave Dale.

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Old 25-02-15, 09:13 PM
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The BOC concours this year is going to be on the 16th August at Bicester Heritage, near Oxford.
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