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Originally Posted by bristolblue View Post
Head gaskets for the Bristol 400 are
on Sale on german Ebay for 324 Euros
Thank you for infomration Bristolblue

I noticed that the Bristol 400 cylinder head gasket has the hole for cooling the 6 th hemispherical chamber and seems to be suitable for a 404 Bristol engine
I can imagine for all 2L Bristol engine ???

This also means there is probably ONLY ONE model of gasket for all the 2 Liter Bristol engine

In this case , it is less acceptable to get from a well knowed supplier a faulty goods
And two time more inacceptable when you inform the supplier about the problem he answer I am the only one in the world who complaint about the problem !

Is it normal or acceptable that noone have been informed ?

They should have contacted all clients and give them the opportunity to changed it ( normal recall )
With a detailed description of the problem and SERIOUS analysis of the situation that this may cause or not,. Each client could have made his own opinion and decided to keep the situation as it or change it under guarantee

With my limited experience in rally , I know well that overheating is a matter that concern all oldtmier owners

And to cut a long story short , simply think why in 1936 the BMW had no hole and why after improvement of the engine , engineers had decided to make this modification to increase the water flow ?

Maybe some of you are more clever than the people who made this engine and all its modifications

I have a tendency to say they knew why they did it

Attached the photo of the packaging showing it is made in Germany and maybe for BMW engine ?????
Note that I have not bought the cylinder head gasket in Germany but directly in England for 167,43 GBP + 22,91 for P&P
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