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Originally Posted by Bellerophon View Post
This sounds like the gaskets which can be obtained from the German BMW
club, they are of good quality, however, on their 328 engines they do not have
a small hole near the rear of the block as the later Bristol engines do.
Bellerophon ,
It's very interesting to know that the BMW has not this hole
As far as I remember something in German was written on the packaging . I still have it .
This can mean this manufacturer is selling BMW cylinder head gaskets ?

If it's that case , don't you think it is their responsability to controll the compatibility with the BMW parts .
They are supposed to have the knowledge .
When I order parts I always inform the seller about the model , chassis & engine number .
The part manager who sold me those gasket has a serious experience and did not know his gasket had a hole missing .

This is on this basis that one year later I have been told that I am the only one in the world to complaint .
Is it normal that I need to go to the Court to get replacement parts ?
This gasket cost more than 160 + P&P

This is not an appropriate answer
When a manufacturer is informed about a problem I think it should to all its best
1. to quantify how many of faulty parts had been sold or installed by its service
2. to inform their client about the problem
3. to remedy

BMW , Ferrari , Rolls-Royce , Toyota , Mercedes......... recall cars for less important problem

Nobody is perfect but when you know a problem solve it asap

This is not so easy to punch a hole in such type of gasket .
The steel layer is very strong and the location of the hole is very close to the combustion chamber strapping
There is a real risk to destroy the gasket and I think you immediately loose your primary guarantee