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Default WARNING Faulty 2 Litre engine cylinder head gaskets

A manufacturer sold me faulty cylinder head gaskets and I have been unfailry treated !
It looks they had been manufactured in 1989

Detailed photos here


I informed the manufacturer in 2009
I thought on the precautionary principle it should have informed the dozens of clients(the number is coming directly from the manufacturer)
who bought or had this gasket installed on their car
The manufacturer wrote me that I am the only one to complaint about it !

Is it an appropriate answer when you are informed of important problem that may cause important damage to the engine ?

I have contacted Consumer Direct in the UK and they wrote me consumers have 6 years to make a claim .

To the honnorable sarcastic members of this forum :
I just want to remind you that most of the respectable Car Manufacturers have recalled thousands of cars on the precautionary principle .
Please don't loose your time to say you are happy with your car .

We are talking about goods that are NOT satisfactory for their particular purpose