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Hi Quentin

Shame I couldn't make the weekend events - I would have loved to have gone and seen the other cars in the metal and met some other Bristol owners. There's nothing quite as good as seeing cars for real - the 411 in the photo I attached looks great, but you can never tell how much the sun plays on the colour and how the camera itself might have altered things. I've developed what my son thinks is an almost creepy obsession with carparks - unfortunately I'm yet to find a car in a colour I like with the driver in it so I can ask what the colour is called! A lot of it's in the finish, too - the quality and layers of paint in the first place and I know from hours of polishing and waxing other cars what a lot of difference and depth the right products with the right application can give.

I have the light grey and dark greys on sample panels from Bristol - they didn't have examples of anything inbetween when I last visited. I hope to pick some up when I drop my car off.

I'll definitely post some photos of the outcome - I hope to get to the factory at strategic moments to take photos of progress for my photobook.

Good luck with your colour choice too! Let us know what you decide on.


PS can't open the yahoo groups link you included as I'm not a yahoo member.
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