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thanks, John, for the words and pictures. yours is a very similar colour to mine at the moment - it's not really bristol midnight blue, it's a toyota colour (a sticker up inside the wing in the boot told me) and it's quite a cool RAF-like blue/grey. the guys in the showroom really liked it and i must say that i have warmed to it. it's interesting that with a bit of blue, the greyness is a lot less flat and dull. and the RAF colour is a link to the aviation side, i suppose..

i'll look at the jaguar colours. i saw a lovely aston last week, which was a mid silver, very warm - more a yellow silver than a blue silver, if you know what i mean - with red leather interior. worked really well.

the 410 is a traditional car. works best with a traditional colour, i'm sure. you've made a good choice i think. starting to persuade me to revisit the RAF blues again...
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