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Default Paint colours

evening, all

my 410 is going back to meet its maker (literally - the same guys who put it together in 1968 are still there!) for some metalwork and a bare metal respray. i'm dropping it off with brian at services mid-october for a few things before it makes a trip west. what a lucky boy i am.

they'll have it for 5-6 months (which sorts out my winter garaging a treat). i probably won't need to settle on a colour before christmas, but i'm so excited and i'd like to make some headway now (and i can't think of much else anyway).

i was wondering if any of you forumers can point me to pictures of cars in mid and darkish silver-grey colours. the leather is red. the car is currently midnight blue. it's been my dream to own a bristol since before i could drive, and stage 2 of that dream is the silver-red combination.

metaline silver is too light. metaline dark grey and metaline cambridge grey are too dark... i think metaline silver grey is my only hope, from the original colour chart, but it's the only silver for which bristol didn't have a colour panel to give me. i can't gauge from the tiny 1967 colour chart what it'd look like en masse and i'm hoping one of you has a car in this silver grey colour.

or perhaps you have better ideas? basically, nothing to light it looks 'thin' and nothing so dark that the chrome is too contrasted. i think the darker silver greys are great on 411 series 3 and beyond, but they look a bit too new on 410s and the couple of dark grey 410s i've seen look a bit dull and just not racy enough!

thanks, guys ... if you got this far in my excitable rant

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