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Hi yet again I have no actual experience of removing an automatic transmission from the Bristol model you mention,But having removed And re fitted hundreds of transmissions ,It is always best to unbolt the Torque converter from the flexiplate, and remove the transmission with the converter in side , i usually bolt on a home made short flatsteel plate to keep the converter inside the bellhousing, (this also keeps the oil from leaking everywhere) when i'm removing the Gearbox/transmission,You dont want the torque converter falling on your" toes" if you are doing the job on a car lift ramp.

Usually i access the awkward bolts on the bellhousing and the starter motor with various 1/2 drive socket s +Extension bars, for really hard to get at bolts i use 3/8" drive sockets+ rachet and long extension bars combined with some choice swear words .

For the tail end of the gearbox i have a variety plastic aerosol caps that push in to keep oil from leaking everywhere sometimes i use a rag and a few cable ties to do the same job.
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