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Originally Posted by Ashley James View Post
I don't know, it didn't surprise me because I had a DB5 that had to
be driven very fast for very long distances to get the oil hot. From
I remember the readings were similar.
I've had loads of teething problems after a total rebuild, but the car
seems fast and free revving and what you'd expect. I think it's a good
Ashley, I don' think it has anything to do with a good 'un or a bad 'un - a 35 degree differential between oil and water temperatures just aint right once an engine is fully warmed up. How can you have such a big differential when the oil and water is flowing through the same block?

As for the Astons, I've had a DB4 and DB6 and the temp differential was approx 10 degrees when fully warmed up, which is correct. It's exactly the same for the DB5.

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