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Default Bristol405 Oil and Water temps

it may well be that mine will get that hot when it is used similarly,
so far mine has only done about 800 miles since it's rebuilt. I
suspect mine might be Brian May's oil cooler kit.

I'm quite excited about the car but doing everything I can to reduce
noise levels as otherwise I think long trips are going to be rather
exhausting. I've had new stainless steel floor retaining bolts made
and put felt sealing strips wherever panels are screwed in, I've stuck
bitumastic pads to every single internal panel, I've welded up 29
unnecessary holes in the bulkhead and replaced every grommet and I've
used the best Motor Wilton made with 12mm thick sound deadening felt
underneath it. Most of the noise is now from the exhaust, I'm going to
look for rubber isolators for the main silencer mounting too.

It's a superb driving car and pulls well and I've had the front seats
rebuilt to improve support and comfort, so it's ready to tour once all
the little bugs are eradicated. It's very near now.

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