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Originally Posted by lansdownplace View Post
That isn't correct. Tavistock have an interest in Bristol Cars which isn't necessairly the same as being sole owners. Tavistock have interests in lts of things they don't wholly own. Who has what shares (or indeed of what type and rights) is unknown. Toby most
certainly controls it and if he has investors that isn't any of our
business really.

I thought the tone of your post a little disparaging if you don't
minnd my saying

I have no problem with your reaction, Paul...I responded to a request for comment based on my perception of the quality of the work presented. He will gain more by thinking about my response, than if it were not "a little disparaging." Young students need to learn and appreciate that in order to gain approval of their efforts, they must present quality work. I don't think he did. In his response to me, he did not seem offended; maybe his style is not to show offense.

It is easy for any of us to take exception to another's style, comments, or content. Styles differ from culture to culture, and within a culture; British MPs, for example, are permiited to attack opposing members in the House in a way that is absolutly not acceptable in the US Congress, as recent events have proven.

Just yesterday, for example, in a Congressional hearing, one Congressman felt obligated to apologize to Mr. Toyoda for his treatment from other committee members.

I'm not in a position to debate the degree of Tavistock's ownership or control, but it does exist, it is pertinent, and the author either ignored it, or didn't know it. To me, he should know it, and included a reference instead of what he did write.