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Originally Posted by julf View Post
Well, great, but... Your reply arrived here quite a bit before I
received my own message that you replied to. Most of the time messages arrive badly out of order, with some
messages quite delayed.
I haven't noticed it myself. But I can assure you that a few seconds after a post is made on site I can see the email notifications going out from the mail server.

Looks like my message actually took something like 24 hours
to get back to me.

So somewhere between and my mail server there is
a serious (and spurious) delay loop.

I'm sorry Julf but I cannot be responsible what happens to mail once it leaves my server.

You of all people should be able to interpret the SMTP headers and see where the delay is if you are really that bothered by it

We're probably boring most of the people on this forum to tears now, so I suggest we continue this discussion off line or in the About This Site forum.