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Originally Posted by lansdownplace View Post
Bristol classic buyers are buying the engineering and build quality
I don't know enough about the 6 cyl Bristols to comment, but the build quality of the 411s wasn't anything special. I would be interested to know why the engineering of the V8 cars could be considered better than many contemporary rivals.

As an aside, the vast majority of Bristol Owners seem to use Macs,
Ha ha, I must have missed the survey!

I think the values will rise, it has become more difficult to find cars of late, and people are now investing a lot of money in first rate rebuilds like the series 6 conversions. The supply is so limited that it doesn't take much to tip the supply/demand curve upwards, especially when people realise that you do actually recoup the cost of your restoration if it is done well.
I haven't seen a 411 "Series 6" on the secondhand market yet, but I would be very surprised if one could be resold for what it cost to upgrade (128K?) As for restoring other standard Bristols, they're just like any other classic car restoration - it would be very rare to recoup what was spent (if it was done well).

I hope values will rise now that Bristol is more open and transparent, Toby is clearly making efforts to get more press exposure and the Fighter T has attracted more attention than any Bristol in the last 40 years.