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Default Fair Comparisons

I own a Bristol 408 and I am always amazed how close the performance in speed and braking is to a modern car (not modified ). This being the case, the 411 I assume is the equivalent of a lot of standard modern makes. My every day is a Mercedes 320CDI Estate.

A few people on this forum mention owning Aston's , Bentleys , Jag's ,Ferrari's and all the other top of the range marques. As I have never really had the chance to drive any of the Bristol alternatives I was wondering how they compared through the 60's and 70's and even 80's and if favourable, given the comparative rarity , why do the values not compare or even exceed the other makes.

Most people I meet have never heard of Bristol and the people that have are very surprised that they still exist especially without having breaks for bankruptcy or hobby buyers from Russia ! Is it the fact that being little known is the obstacle to recognised high value ? or are they perceived as bland by some classic car followers. Although the Bristol marque does seem to be more recognised in the last year or two.