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I need to correct myself - the Bristol 411 calipers are not the same as the DB6 - all the internals are the same, but the caliper body is different.

I have a Girling parts list for 1966-70 which lists 10 variations of the 17/3P front caliper body. One caliper type is unique to Bristol and another type is used by Bristol and Jensen. However, the service kit, pistons, bleedscrew, pad retaining pin & pin retaining clip are the same across the range of Girling 17/3P front calipers, used by AC, Aston Martin, Austin, Daimler, Jaguar, Jensen, Lotus, Mercedes, Reliant, Rover, Wolsley and TVR.

Similar story re the rear calipers and handbrake assemblies.

I would imagine that there are fewer variations of the master cylinders, meaning there may be many different contemporary cars that use the same master cylinder.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if someone who specialises in rebuilding brake master cylinders and calipers has reconditioned units available for exchange.
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