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Default Brake Master Cylinder

Originally Posted by t_bollox View Post
I need either a complete new master cylinder or a rebuild kit. Before I approach Bristol cars with my life savings, does anyone know if this is an general AP item or is it specific to Bristol models? And any recommendations to where to buy?
It's probably a Girling part. However, I would suggest having it reconditioned / rebuilt. I had the same done with the master cylinder on my 411 last year. There are no doubt numerous places in the UK that will do this, but I noticed an ad in The Automobile magazine for these guys who specialise in this and re-sleeve the bore with stainless steel.

Was the car standing for a long time before you bought it. If so your brake calipers might need doing as well ...

I had my front calipers rebuilt locally using stainless steel pistons which I bought from a guy who supplied them for Aston Martins in the UK (the 411 uses same Girling caliper as DB6).

Knowing Bristol's habit of using the same parts for decades across several models of car it is likely the 412 S2 has the same brake parts as the 411.
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