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to Ibrowning:

I'm sorry for filling up your email inbox. I had just tried to post the topic in the most relevant thread. I had the same problem as you with receiving emails when i first signed up, and i think it's because i was subscribed to the threads.

If you go to the left hand bar of the forum, go to the email subscriptions section and select "edit forum subscriptions" you can choose not to get email updates from this message thread, i think. that's how i was able to fix the problem. I hope that helps clear things up, and if you would be willing to answer the questionnaire, please send me a personal message

thank you

I will happily post my findings and the results of my findings (which will hopefully be a number of designs) and it would be fantastic to get some critique on them, especially in terms of validation of the project from a consumer perspective. Thank you very much for all your help so far