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Default Wanted - Owners Views for U...

Not an easy task, as the cars have changed over the years, but when I
bought mine 48 years ago it was light years ahead of anything else, and even now
is a car to be reckoned with.
In 1951 The Motor said, "The Bristol 401 possessed a combination of virtues
which may not be equalled by any other car."
L.J.K. Setright the journalist of great renown, having looked at every car
available found that there was only one car which stood out from all the
rest and that was a Bristol 2 litre, and he drove one most of his life. Find
a copy of his last book in a library, Long Lane with Turnings, and this
will explain his reasons for buying a Bristol.
Hope this is of some help.
My regards,
Alan Blackwood