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Originally Posted by TLF799R View Post
Nick - That is the attitude!
That "attitude" is very short sighted.

For a start it says anyone who won't or can't realistically have their car serviced by us is effectively a lower class of customer.

It also says "we may refuse to sell some vital spares to you unless you have your car serviced by us".

That's a very negative message for aspiring Bristol owners which can only be detrimental to the marque in the long term.

Let's hope Philippa is talking out of her tailpipe!

Originally Posted by Nick Challacombe View Post
What would be outrageous would be to sell a rare item to any Tom, Dick or Harry and leave a service customer who will not only be loyal to the company but have them fitted as well.
If supplies are plentifull I expect they will sell them, do not forget they restore cars themselves.
Your attitude is just not business like.
What is not "business like" is running a car manufacture, restoration and service business which relies on a finite supply of vital parts.

Do you seriously think Bristol would get to the stage where they say, "we have enough headlights to restore two more 412s, then that's it, the end" ?

Or, "we have half a dozen 412 headlights left and they're getting hard to come by so we won't sell them to any casual customers in case Paul or Philippa need one, or in case we get a 412 restoration job come in".
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