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Default Headlights

Originally Posted by Peter.Kent View Post
Nearly 20 yrs ago I sourced these . . .at the local GM garage. They were from the Opel Record D, 1972-7. They needed a slight modification which was easy with new and old side by side. Can`t recall what it was though. P
Alas, neither can I, but the one I replaced some decade ago was most definitely from an Opel of the the 1970s. Curiously, the Bosch, Hella etc. catalogues did not have anything listed as suitable. You do have to be careful that they dip to the left as it is much easier to acquire units that are designed for driving on the right.

As you probably know, the rear lights are Lancia Beta, but no longer easily available, in fact someone from the Lancia club claimed that they had been buying them from Bristol!

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