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Originally Posted by t_bollox View Post
First job, fix the blower motor. Blower motor removed and motor rebuilt but only lasted 5 minutes. So does anyone know where to get a motor from or a complete blower.
These motors are not at all sophisticated and any good firm that rebuilds these should be able to do so. In my experience with similar motors, the secret behind a reliable rebuild is to replace more parts than those that are essential purely to make it turn again i.e. bring it fully up to spec.

Originally Posted by t_bollox View Post
Next job to tackle, interior lighting.
I found this pretty straightforward on mine although some of those contacts within the overhead lamp units required careful cleaning and a smear of gloop to stop any further corrosion.

Originally Posted by t_bollox View Post
Also does anyone know who makes the dashboard rocker switches?
I did not manage to find any new replacements for these (other than one from Bristol), but I did find that if you disassemble them and clean the switched contacts within, then they function as good as new. An awkward job on reassembly trying to prevent those little springs and balls from liberating themselves, but worth the effort and at zero cost.
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