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Originally Posted by Sam410 View Post
Incidentally, I think these windows are unusual in having a limit switch at the top of their travel. Most windows do not have this, as can be determined by the slight dimming of headlights if you try to close the windows when they are already closed (at least on many modern cars I've tried.) As the problem on your 409 seems to be at the top, it would probably be possible to bypass the limit switch altogether, as the window frame will obviously stop the window going too far.
That Heath Robinson mechanism is amazing - makes the system on the 411 look so elegant!

On proper modern cars they usually use control circuitry to monitor speed of the motor and/or the power exerted by the motor (current drawn) and will stop the motor if it slows down too much or uses too much power.

I don't know how the 409 is wired, but on my 411 the windows were wired directly to the battery, not even on the ignition acc circuit. Nor were there any fuses or relays in the window motor wiring, so I wouldn't recommend removing the limit switch.

Originally Posted by Sam410 View Post
Might be simpler than finding new micro switches?
Definitely the way to go IMHO
here's a few 21A micro switches at RS Components
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